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Essential Oils

During my healing journey, essential oils not only supported my physical recovery but were a huge part of the emotional recovery as well. They aided in the release of limiting beliefs and negative emotions, to increasing my spiritual awareness and a sense of self.

There are far too many oils for me to highlight all my favorites, however, the one that has been my go-to emotional support oil since 2013 is Clary Sage. This almost magical oil helped me to change my view of the world I was living in. It helped to lift the veil of darkness in my life when desperately trying to leave a toxic, narcissistic relationship and allowed me to open back up to dreaming, visualizing and imagining new possibilities again!

Adding essential oils into your emotional recovery journey can speed up the process and open you up to deeper healing. Click below to find out more about a few of my absolute favorites oil blends and do not hesitate to send me any questions you may have about adding essential oils to your routine!

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