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Wilder Boers Coaching

Mental Wellness Health Coach Specializing in Abuse & Trauma ●
NLP Practitioner ● Sobriety Advocate ● CTNC ● CMWS ● CLC ● 

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Beautifully Rebuilt (BR⁵) Private Online Community

Join today and begin your journey to becoming Beautifully Rebuilt!

Complimentary Foundational Assessment

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Schedule your no-cost Foundational Assessment today! Discover if working together is the right fit for you. Gain clarity on your goals and explore how our partnership can support your journey. Your time is valuable, and this session is designed to provide meaningful insights without any obligation.

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Check out the latest blog post:  3 Reasons to Quit Drinking & Commit to Sobriety

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Wilder Boers Wellness Hub

Explore the Best Natural Supplements, Essential Oils, Empowering T-shirts & More

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Empowerment Merchandise - T-shirts and More

Explore our collection of t-shirts and empowerment merchandise, perfect for boosting your confidence or gifting to someone who needs extra encouragement. Find inspiring designs that celebrate strength and positivity, crafted to uplift and motivate.

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Indulge in the warmth of kindness and energize my mission by filling my cup! Your support on BuyMeACoffee helps fund my mission of helping women on their transformative journeys!

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