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You do NOT have a choice!

Well doesn’t that just sound awful! I don’t even know what the choice is that I do not have, but just reading the title of this email makes me feel restricted, sounds like nails on a chalkboard and has me seeing RED!

We all want choices, right? Absolutely. Then why do so many of us create rigidity in our life that limits the number of choices available to us yet are flexible with the outcomes we get?

”We become rigid with our behaviors & flexible about our outcomes or results”

There is a law called the Law of Requisite Variety which signifies that whoever has the greatest flexibility in behavior will have the greatest influence over any situation they are in.

Unfortunately, our minds have come to associate things with a static identity (or idea of who we are) that doesn’t allow us to change our way of doing things but instead lets us settle with whatever result that we get. When we are conscious of this, we can change it.

“Rigidity in our behavior may make us lose control over the outcomes we receive.”

Instead, we ought to grant ourselves flexibility in our behavior, giving ourselves choices and options that allow us to ebb and flow as needed so that we can be rigid in our outcomes.

What outcome are you wanting? A better relationship with your spouse? Eating healthier? Quitting drinking or smoking? Be flexible in your approach and open to choices or options. Be rigid in your outcome.

I once knew a man who smoked for YEARS. A pack and half a day. He decided he would quit but was very adamant that this one particular pharmaceutical mediation was the answer. A week into taking the prescription and he quickly found that this was not going to work. He was allergic to the medication and broke out in hives in all the most uncomfortable places. Needless to say, he quit quitting and was soon back on a pack and a half a day because he was not rigid in the outcome. Thankfully, years later, he was able to be more flexible in his approach and began ebbing and flowing through the process. This time he found the outcome he was looking for and I believe he’s been tobacco free for a little over 10 years now.

“If you try something and it doesn’t work, try something else.”

So I ask you now, where in your life have you been rigid and, simultaneously, not getting the results you were hoping for? What is working well in one area of your life but causing conflict in other areas? What can you do to be more flexible? What options have you bypassed in your quest for rigidity and which ones should you take a second look at now? Where can you discover new options? How can you be more rigid with you desired outcome?

As always, if you care to share your thoughts just shoot me an email as I’m always on the other side!

Also! Before you go, scroll down for an exciting announcement and for a couple of my favorite things!


Speaking of having choices!

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My Favorite Things!

Essential Oils and Emotions:

Cypress Oil - The Oil of Motion & Flow

This oil creates energetic flow and emotional cleansing. Working with the heart and mind, it teaches the soul how to let go of the past by moving with the flow of life. Works well with individuals who are mentally or emotionally stuck, stiff, rigid or tense.

Emotions Addressed:

Controlling, fearful, perfectionistic, rigid, stuck, tense.


Emotional and mental flexibility, trust, adaptability.


The name says it all!

Emotional Wellness is a wonderful supplement for those going through a stressful time, dealing with anxiety, or experiencing perimenopause or menopause.

It is an overall mood regulation supplement and has been known to help people achieve a more restful sleep!

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