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Welcome to 2023!

Hello friend and welcome to a brand-new year!

Everyone will be talking over the next couple of weeks about their New Year's Resolutions and the "New Year, New You" stuff. And, if I can be blunt, that crap never works! We go rushing into the new year expecting great things but, frankly, changing little to nothing. Why would that work??

Instead, let's take a few minutes to create a New Year's Reflection & Intention. Grab a pen, paper and a glass of water (hydration my friend!) .... settle in ... and read the rest of this email line by line, giving yourself permission to digest it slowly, to allow your mind to remember, think, play, and create!

Let's jump right in! In the past, what worked for you? What things did you do that worked really well to move you forward, keep you motivated, keep you smiling and achieve your goals? What activities, habits and tools kept you on track? What feelings were in those moments (happiness, excited, etc.)? What feelings were missing in those moments (fear, anger, sadness)? What made you happy, exited, joyful and optimistic? Are you still doing those things? If not, why not? What would it take to get back to doing those things? What things do you need to stop doing in order for those good things to be present again?

Let's flip the script. Let's look back and reflect on the things that didn't work. The things that created stress, sadness, irritation or frustration. What are those things? What caused those things to show up in your life? What can you continue to do or start to do to avoid those things? What can you stop doing to avoid those things? How can you intentionally remove yourself from the line of fire of the things that leave you feeling defeated, undeserving, irritated, sad, depressed, angary, fed up?

Let's play a little longer! Look ahead a full year from today. It's January 1st of 2024. Where do you want to be? How do you want to feel? What additional things, people, places, situations, etc. do you want in your life? Do you want to be physically healthy, full of energy and vitality? Do you want to be making more money? Do you want to create something (a book, a piece of art, build something)? Do you want to relocate? What people do you want to be there with you ringing in 2024? What relationships need to end, start or improve by then? Write it all out, taking your time to process the thoughts as they come in, then read on.

Let's stratagize! What little steps do you need to take each day to make that happen? What small daily steps can you take, bite size pieces can you digest, to get you to where you want to be in 12 months? Maybe it's adding one additional cup of water to your day or finding creative ways to add 5 to 10 extra minutes of movement into your daily routine. Maybe it's adding a reminder to your calendar to check in with a loved one that you've become distant with so months don't go by. Brainstorm or brain dump ... just get it all out onto paper.

Let's bring it all together! By now, if you've not only given yourself permission to, but actually did this exercise, you will have identified what worked well, what didn't work, where you want to go and small steps to get you there. The last step is to incorporate them all together. Each day with each activity, be intentional, no more autopilot. As you navigate your day, think is this activity, thought or feeling something that worked for me in the past? Great, let's try it again! No, then why am I entertaining it again instead of trying something new? Is this activity, thought or feeling moving me in the direction of where I want to be in 2024? Yes! Awesome! Keep it up! No? Okay, course correct NOW and get back on track.

Let's go the extra mile! Set yourself a reminder to come back to this blog, to reread it periodically and go through the exercise again. Keep track of your answers from today and see just how close you come to being exactly where you want to be in 2024! You never know, you could be there sooner than you think!


A couple of things that may help you along:

Essential Oils and Emotions: CILANTRO

This fragrant oil can facilitate the detoxification of negative emotions that burden the body, heart and soul. It especially encourages the release of worry and control.

Diffuse or breathe in; apply over throat or upper stomach or take 1-2 drops under the tongue or in water.


NutriDyn™ Fruits & Greens

Every day, (YES! Every single day) I start my morning with Dynamic Fruits & Greens. This began as a small step for me to incorporate an extra 20 oz of water into my day that had more flavor than just plain old boring water. It's just a daily habit now! My favorites are Expresso, Chocolate Peppermint and the NEW Chocolate Coconut! (Can you see a theme here!?)

What I love about NutriDyn™ and their Dynamic Fruits & Greens is the flavor options! And with their starter pack, you find your favorites first before committing to an entire bottle! But, if you're anything like me, you will have at least 3 bottles in your cupboard at all times!

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