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Tips to Avoid a Holiday Meltdown

The holiday season is right around the corner and will all the different projects in the works, I have started to feel myself disconnecting a little bit. I’ve become more distracted, more stressed, more lost in my own head. I’ve even noticed myself overthinking my feelings rather than allowing myself to feel all the feelings.

I’m sure this is a familiar experience for you, too. It happens to all of us when we are in the thick of life’s busy ventures!

So, how do you help yourself get back to reality in times like this? I'm glad you asked because I have a few tips!

  • Take 5 minutes to slow down and focus on your breathing daily. As thoughts come in, allow them to flow out effortlessly and redirect your mind to your breath.

  • Give yourself 60 seconds at the end of the day to Journal. It doesn't have to be a long novel, just highlights from the day. Be sure to include at least one good thing that happened.

  • Lower your expectations for the perfect holiday. Yes, you read that right. Be okay with things not being perfect. The only person you can control is yourself so taking on the idea that you can create the perfect holiday for the entire family can be disastrous. Focus on what is realistic—not ideal—or you risk facing major disappointment when things don't go as planned.

  • Get some sleep! With all there is to do, we may tend to stay up all hours wrapping gifts or cleaning before the big day. Remember that your body restores, rejuvenates and heals during sleep ... it is SO IMPORTANT! Give this gift to yourself!

  • This time of year can be particularly trying for people with depression and other mental illnesses. Feeling depressed at this time of year can be particularly hard because we're expected to be happy. Opening up and honest about your emotions ahead of time can take some of the pressure off of staying cheery. Talk with family members before the holidays and decide which traditions work best for you and allow yourself to say no to those that don't work for you.

  • Traditions are one of the sweetest parts of the holidays. But, sorry—sometimes plans change. Remember to treasure your traditions but be open to new ones. Sometimes the holidays don't look exactly as we remember them or how we think they should look—or taste. Look back at your own highlight reels of Holdiay's gone by. What was most important? How can you incorporate the important things and let go of the trivial aspects?


Looking for additional emotional support during the Holidays?

Check out a couple of my favorites!

A warm 20-minute foot soak can not only help your physical body to detox, but it can also help your spiritual self to detox negative emotions. When you find yourself in an "emotional funk", give this a try!

Fields of Flowers® is my new favorite emotional support supplement! For symptoms such as fear, despair, anxiety, irritability, aggressiveness, and impatience. This one is my go-to do for when my son (5) is experiencing big emotions that he doesn't yet understand or know quite how to deal with. If this is something you'd be interested in trying, send me an email so we can discuss if this is right for you!

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