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3 Reasons to Quit Drinking & Commit to Sobriety

Updated: May 18

Ah Wisconsin!  The state that not only loves to drink but encourages it ... heavily.  From pub crawls to it's very own coined phrase "Drink Wisconsinably!" From "Hold my beer" to "drink local and drink often".  Drinking beer, wine or alcohol is a deeply ingrained part of Wisconsin culture. 

Like many in this beautiful state, I loved everything about it!  The parties, cookouts, and festivities created a camaraderie where neighbors became friends, and everyone bonded over their drink of choice.  Regardless of where you went you would always BYOB (bring your own beverage) ... I even had a "just in case" wine opener in my purse, one in each vehicle and one in our boat too.  And, when I was feeling extra social, the wide-eyed, wild tequila girl would make her sassy debut!  My motto was don't bother inviting me unless there was alcohol because this girl is going to have some fun! And my favorite t-shirt, it advertised my go-to saying "Tequila ... it might not solve all your problems, but it's worth a shot!"  We are a state of proud drinking social beings!  I remember going on spring break a few years back to Panama City Beach and being told that anyone from Wisconsin was automatically banned from participating in the beach drinking competitions because of our unfair tolerance advantage!  How cool was that!? Man I loved my state!

So many memories (and photographs ... so many photographs) of dinners with a glass of chianti, camping with a bottle of Milagro, birthdays and Bordeaux, weddings and whisky, vacations and vodka ... you get the picture.  If the day ended in y there was a reason to celebrate and to celebrate, I drank.

So how do you go from all that ... to being 100% sober? 

Truth is, I tried to cut back and toyed with the idea of quitting for quite some time.  I spent years romanticizing my alcohol filled life.  It's easy to do, right!?  Just look at all the fun I was having!  And, it doesn't help that our brains have a nifty way of remembering the good times and forgetting the bad.

The fairytale social butterfly story above sounds so much different, feels so much more cringy and looks more like a nightmare when I add back in the moments that didn't make the highlight reel. 

Waking up on the floor of my apartment in a pile of my own vomit unsure of how I got home.  Showing up to my nieces birthday party so hungover that I had to find a quiet place to pass out, missing her entire special day.  Relationships that ended because of drinking and others that started, and shouldn't have, because of drinking.  Arguments, physical altercations, insane jealousy, paranoia, lost property, damaged property and, the final straw ... rolling my Jeep 8 times and not remembering any part of it.  

Rock met bottom.  Bottom consisted of a totaled vehicle, an ambulance ride, a night in jail, hiring an attorney, court appearances, depending on others for rides to do basic things, increased insurance rates, fines, fees, counseling, more jail time, a breathalyzer in my home and one in my replacement vehicle, disappointed family members, worried family members, shame, guilt, disgust and more.  Bottom sucked.  Sobriety for the win.


I promised you 3 reasons to quit drinking and commit to sobriety.  These are my reasons and I gift them to you.  It’s your decision to make.


#1 Rock Bottom Sucks! 

If you are toying, like I did, with the idea of wanting to quit drinking, then you already know that it isn't a good fit for you. Deep down, something within you is signaling that a change is necessary. Whatever your personal reasons are for wanting to quit, listen to them closely. This is the inner voice of your true self, craving a healthier, more fulfilling life. Ignoring these inner calls only prolongs the inevitable realization that alcohol doesn’t serve you.

When you can't quite commit to the decision that you know you want to make, you know you want to quit drinking, eventually, the universe will deliver your request in a way you can't ignore. A point-blank, in-your-face message that screams, "JUST FUCKING QUIT ALREADY!" This message usually comes in the form of a wake-up call: a tragic accident, relationships destroyed, or lives altered beyond recognition. This is the universe's way of pushing you towards the change you've been resisting, delivering a message loud and clear that enough is enough is enough already!

And, you don't have to wait for your own version of rock bottom. In fact, I encourage you to stay away from rock bottom because you can make the decision now, to take control before circumstances force your hand. Embrace the reasons driving your desire to quit. Whether it's for your health, your family, your dreams, or simply to reclaim your true self, these reasons are valid and powerful. By making the decision to quit drinking today, you choose to avoid unnecessary pain and heartache. You choose to take a proactive step towards a brighter future, filled with mental clarity, emotional stability, and a genuine connection to your life and those around you. You choose to be in control. 


#2 Drinking Interferes With Trauma Healing

I know that you know that alcohol consumption can offer a temporary escape. I mean, that’s why most everyone does it, right?!  A momentary reprieve from the stresses of daily life.  The “I just need to chill for a minute” night cap.  It creates a fleeting sense of relief from underlying traumas (such as loneliness, abandonment, and a lack of connection) by affecting the brain's neurotransmitters, leading to impaired judgment and memory function. This disruption allows individuals to momentarily forget their problems, providing a false sense of comfort and temporary euphoria. In these moments, the pain of past traumas and the weight of present struggles seem to dissipate, replaced by an artificial sense of well-being.

However, as you already know, this escape is short-lived. As the effects of alcohol wear off, the unresolved issues resurface, often with a vengeance, just like that person you’ve been avoiding that becomes angry and starts yelling to get your attention. This creates a vicious cycle: the temporary relief encourages repeated drinking, while the return of emotional pain and the negative consequences of alcohol use drive the need for further escapism. Over time, this pattern deepens the sense of loneliness and disconnection (not to mention shame, guilt and even embarrassment), as the dependance on alcohol for relief isolates you from genuine support systems and healthy coping mechanisms. Breaking this cycle requires addressing the root causes of trauma, not diluting it and hoping it goes away on its own.  Seeking healthier ways to heal and connect with others ultimately leads to a more fulfilling and authentic life.


#3: Reconnect with Your True Self and Passions

One often overlooked reason to quit drinking is the opportunity to rediscover and reconnect with your true self, your authentic self, and your passions. Because alcohol dulls your senses and obscures your authentic desires, it leaves you disconnected from the things that genuinely bring you joy and fulfillment. When you quit drinking, you clear away the fog that alcohol creates, allowing you to see yourself more clearly and to engage with life more fully.  For me, a dense layer of this fog lifted after about 4 months of sobriety … the clarity that was revealed was breathtakingly amazing!

Sobriety opens a space (and financial opportunity) for you to explore hobbies, interests, and activities that you may have neglected or never had the chance to discover. Whether it's pursuing creative endeavors, engaging in physical activities, or simply enjoying quality time with loved ones, living a life of sobriety allows you to tap into the essence of who you are and what you love.

When you quit drinking, you gain so much mental and emotional clarity, and the setting and the achieving of meaningful goals becomes so much easier than before. You become empowered to create a life that reflects your true values and aspirations, rather than one that revolves around the next drink. This is a profound reconnection with yourself and can lead to a deeper sense of purpose and a more vibrant, authentic life.


Conclusion: Enjoying Your New Life

These three reasons – the pain of hitting rock bottom, the interference of alcohol with trauma healing, and the opportunity to reconnect with your true self and your passions – put a big spotlight on the impact that quitting drinking can have on your life. Choosing sobriety isn't just about abstaining from alcohol; it's about reclaiming your life, your health, and your happiness. It’s giving up one thing, so that you can have everything! 


Tips for Quitting Drinking That Helped Me

If you're ready to take the first steps, here are some practical tips to help you stay committed to your sobriety:

  1. Make the Decision:  Commit now, start now.  None of this “well, the holiday is coming up”, “my sister’s wedding is next month” or whatever the excuse is to wait. Decide now.  Commit now.  NOW is a great time to commit!

  2. Stop Romanticizing Drinking:  It’s easy to remember the good times because it’s a smoke in mirrors game.  What is it hiding? What is really happening? Pay attention to the pain behind the curtain (yes that is a Wizard of Oz reference).  When the urge to relive the “good ole days” comes up, because it will, remember to remember the ugly things it was attempting to obscure so you would remain oblivious.  Remember to remember the shame, guilt and embarrassment that it tried, ineffectively, to drown.  Romanticize your life of clarity, choice, and control because of your commitment to sobriety.

  3. Focus on Your Commitment:  People ask me all the time, “How many days sober are you?” and, truth be told, I don’t usually know.  Today is the easy answer “One Year” because it is cemented into my mind with anniversary of my roll-over accident and the fact that it happened on my nephews birthday.  But any other day?  I honestly wouldn’t know.  I’m not focused on how many days I’ve gone without.  I choose to focus on my commitment to sobriety and the fact that I just don’t drink anymore.  Energy flows where your attention goes.  Allow it to flow in the right direction.  Focus on the abundance of your commitment.

  4. Connect With Others Who’ve Made the Same Commitment:  You know how when you buy a new vehicle, suddenly you see that exact same vehicle everywhere?  That’s what happens when you commit to sobriety too.  You find more and more people that have a story similar to yours, have walked the path you are walking and have committed to sobriety as well.  Connect with them.  Just as you used to bond over alcohol, create new bonds in the absence there of! Let their stories fuel your commitment and their support create new, more meaningful friendships. 


Choosing sobriety is a courageous and liberating decision, one that opens the door to a healthier, more fulfilling life. Whether you're driven by the desire to avoid rock bottom, to heal from trauma, or to reconnect with your true self, your journey is deeply personal and valuable. Remember, you're not alone, and every step you take toward sobriety is a step toward a better future.


Ready to take the first step towards a healthier, more fulfilling life? Join our supportive community today and connect with others who are on the same journey. Whether you're looking to quit drinking or simply seeking a space for growth and healing, we're here for you. Click the link below to sign up and start your transformative journey now!


 Disclosure: While I share these insights and tips from personal experience, please note that I am not an alcohol coach or medical professional. I deeply understand how underlying traumas can motivate drinking, and I empathize with the challenges you may face. The information provided here is intended to offer support and inspiration, not to replace a one-on-one relationship with a qualified healthcare professional or to serve as medical advice. If you feel you are in need of a medical intervention, it is highly recommended by Wilder Boers Coaching to seek that out. Professional guidance can provide you with the necessary tools and support for your journey to sobriety.

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